Annotation Type FaunaConstructor

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface FaunaConstructor

    Specifies which constructor to use when decoding an object with a Decoder. You can also annotate a public static method, which will then be used instead of a constructor.

    This annotation can only be used once per class.

     class Product {
         private String description;
         private double price;
         public Product(@FaunaField("description") String description, @FaunaField("price") double price) {
             this.description = description;
             this.price = price;
     class Order {
         private String number;
         private List<Product> products;
         public static Order createOrder(@FaunaField("number") String number, @FaunaField("products") List<Product> products) {
             Order order = new Order;
             order.number = number;
             order.products = products;
             return order;